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Fun Video Tutorial Websites

Use the Web for your education. There are many free sites offering how-to videos on thousands of different subjects. Most of them offer short to the point videos that can be very useful. I've reviewed a few here.

Personal How to sites

Video Jug: http://www.videojug.com:  VideoJug mixes user generated clips with professionally made content. Videos are accompanied by a text version. Over 18,000 professionally made advice videos. Here I watched a video on buying car insurance.
SuTree: http://www.sutree.com/  is a knowledge community.  Handpicked and then examined by our team⁄community.  10,077 lessons.  I watched a video on improving your wireless network in a home.
5Min: http://www.5min.com⁄  5min is a place to find short video solutions for practical questions and is also a place for people who want to share their knowledge. On this site I watched a 5 minute video on how to make a tazer from two disposable cameras.


Vidipedia: http://www.vidipedia.org Provides more educational ⁄ encyclopedic videos. Videos about climate, history, personalities and events.
Youtube: http:⁄⁄www.youtube.com - YouTube is the giant. You can search within categories like: How to and DIY  or News and Politics.

Date: August 2007

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