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Two Great Adobe Reader Replacements

Everyone needs to be able to read PDF (Portable Document Format) files. The Adobe reader is big and fat and rather clunky. It takes a long time to load. There are two excellent free replacements; both are better than the Acrobat reader.
Two Free and better Replacements:

The advantage of PDFXchange Viewer is that you can edit and make comments and notes on PDF files. It is also a better viewer. You can fill in forms with it, save those forms and re-edit them. In addition it is a very nice viewer. It is extremely easy to use. It has replace the PDFill Editor for me because it is so much easier to use.
Foxit is very popular, very small and works really well. It is very fast and if you want a small viewer that comes up fast and uses very few resources, then it is the viewer for you.
But What About Reading From the Web?
Nearly everyone has the Acrobat plug-in for Firefox so you can read PDF files on the web. Do you still need it for that? No. Here are two options for using either one of these replacements.

  • Method 1: From inside Firefox itself, you can choose
  • Tools⁄Options⁄Content
  • In the File  Types area, choose Manage...
  • Use the search function to find PDF and change the action to Foxit or PDF Exchange
  • Method 2: You can download the PDF Download Add-on for Firefox and use it to have an alternative viewer display PDF files.

PDF Exchange is working on a Firefox Plugin, which should be functional very soon.
I do have Acrobat Reader on my machine, but haven't used it in a long time. I use Foxit with Firefox and the PDF Download Plugin for Firefox. I use PDFXchange Viewer most of the time, so I can highlight and make notes on the pdf files I read if I want.  I write PDF files from any program using PDFXchange Lite (which costs about $23). I've also had excellent results writing PDF files with: PDF995 and PDFill . I use PDFXchange Writer because I wanted to support them because of the great free viewer.

Date: October 2007

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