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Japan Donation Scams

Many of you want to donate to relief work in Japan, I do too. But NEVER respond to any email solicitation. If you really do want to respond, then jot down the organizations name and do some research on it. Do not click on links. Remember, the Japanese catastrophe presents an opportunity  for scammers to rip you off. Don't let them.

Immediately after the catastrophe, hundreds of new sites popped up using the words Tsunami, Japan, Relief, Catastrophe, build, donate, help, rebuild, victims. One man registered: redcrossjapan.com, redcrossjapan.org, redcrossjapan.net, redcrossjapan.us, japanredcross.us, japanredcross.net and japanredcross.info. He has absolutely no connection to the Red Cross or any disaster relief experience. He also registered: japanshelp.com, japanhome.com, japanshope.com,  care4japan.com, and japansaved.com among others.

Other tips for not getting scammed

  • Check out the charity before you contribute to it.
  • Don't click on links from emails or IM etc. even if they appear to be going to legit places. Go there manually by typing the address into the location bar.
  • Do not respond to targeted emails from "victims"
  • If you donate online, then take all the precautions about SSL security and certificates that I continuously harp on.

Sites that rate charities

Lists of Legitimate Japan Relief Charities

Date: April 2011

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