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Convert Files

http:⁄⁄www.convertfiles.com⁄ allows you to upload files up to 100 megabytes and they will email you back a link to the converted file. It does many types of conversions for free. Very useful. It converts between 5 different archive formats, 9 document formats, 2 presentation formats, 5 image formats, 10 audio formats, and 13 video formats.


Save the Planet!

http:⁄⁄earth911.com⁄ is a great recycling site. The best I've found. It is chock full of information about recycling and the characteristics of recycling batteries, computers and so forth. It also is the best place I've found to locate a place to take the stuff you want to recycle. I found a Goodwill store half the distance to the nearest one I knew about, which would take my old TV and computer monitors. Clicking on it gave me directions, a map, address and phone number as well as exactly what they would accept. Wow.


There's a better way!

http://alternativeto.net⁄ is a site dedicated to offering you software alternatives to the bloatware many of us think we need. A quick search gave me superior alternatives to RealPlayer, Adobe Acrobat Reader and Windows Media Player.  I was already using the Windows media player and Acrobat Reader alternatives, but now I know if I ever need to play Real Player files, there is a good substitute available.



Date: July 2009

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