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Brain Implants

The Neuralink project is implanting direct links into the brains of monkeys allowing telepathic control of computers and smart phones. He's applied for FDA approval and hopes to be able to give people with a broken spine mobility and some blind people sight.

Elon Musk's Brain Implant Video

This is amazing. Elon Musk receives lots of press for Tesla, SpaceX, driverless cars and Twitter, but this venture is likely to be his most important. The implications are incredible. This 15-minute video is his "Show and Tell" event for his Neuralink project. A direct link implanted in our brains allowing for telepathic control of computers, phones and body parts. His current emphasis is on allowing people without motor control be able to use their smart phones and computers once again. But he thinks he can give sight back to the blind or perhaps bypass a broken spinal column.

Currently, he has monkeys with this tech embedded and they are controlling a mouse cursor on a screen telepathically. He's applied for FDA approval and expects to receive it in 2023. He explains the issues of upgrading the tech and wireless charging.

After you've seen this, watch the Amazon Prime TV show The Peripherals to provide a look at what this might lead.

Date: January 2023

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