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Important Security Warnings

Don't use shortened links like those from tinyurl or bit.ly. They can be inserting trackers (or worse) between you and your destination. Also, don't download Qatar's world cup apps.

Beware of shortened links

Links like Bit.ly or tinyurl can be used to hide where you are really going. You might go to a malware site, then that site does something and forwards you to the correct site. You won't know anything was done. The sending organization might not know they are putting their users in danger. They went somewhere to get their long complex Zoom link shortened to make it "better", because it is easier to see and type! They don't realize the "friendly humanitarian" site that shortened the link for them is now tracking or otherwise hurting their users.

These free link shorteners could be OK and just humanitarian, or they could be planting trackers and collecting information on your clients. Avoid using shortened links. Don't make them for your users.

Don't Download Qatar World Cup Apps

These apps have a privacy notice, but according to Germany's data protection commissioner they don't follow them. One app collects phone call information, the other actively prevents the device from sleeping. These programs report your actions back to a central server.

Both the Norwegian and French regulators have issued similar warnings.

More information:

Politico article: https://www.politico.eu/article/qatar-world-cup-app-data-warning/

Date: November 2022

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