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You Will Get More Dangerous Phishing Scam Emails

The process of creating phishing attacks to steal your credentials was automated. This will increase the number of attacks. Expect more and better phishing attacks soon.

You will get more phishing scams and they will become better. This is because the human mind is wonderfully creative and we have figured out a lot about how the free market works. Just as a knife can cut Thanksgiving turkeys or people, so too, the free market can lower our costs for things we want and also lower the costs of things miscreants want.

In the past it has required skill to find and exploit security problems. No longer. Now skilled hackers have created a simple point and click web interface to allow unskilled unethical pseudo hackers to point and click through a lovely web interface to create a powerful phishing campaign. They fill in the fields, select the features they want and press the Create button. Then they are presented with a pull down menu where they select what site credentials they want to steal. They can impersonate Microsoft, GoDaddy, Facebook, Dropbox, Office.com, Hotmail or others.

When you click the link, they install a small Man in the Middle program, then proceed to the site. When you log in, nothing will help you because everything is sent to them first and then to the site. When you enter your password, it goes to them. Then they fill it in at the site. If you get an authentication code, and fill it in, they will intercept it and fill it in.

This new technology will probably increase the number of people who can do phishing attacks 1,000 times. The cost of using their service is only $400/month.

Their training video: https://vimeo.com/746020364

Date: November 2022

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